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Designing with Swirls

Image credit Adam Houle and MyInkBlog.com

Image credit Andrew Houle and MyInkBlog.com

You know I love them. I found this tutorial on MyInkBlog that shows you how to make beautiful swirl and flourish designs with just a few lines. I always either draw my own and scan them in then trace with the pen tool or use brushes in Photoshop. I found it interesting that I can achieve the very same effect using a few tools in Illustrator.


This Is So Rad
May 4, 2009, 7:30 pm
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Go Media Zine - Seamless pattern

Image credit Adam Wagner of GoMediaZine

I saw this awesome pattern and had to read more about it. It turns out that Adam Wagner from GoMediaZine takes you step by step through how to create a seamless pattern using vector shapes. You can pen tool your own swirly pattern ingredients, or just use his that he provides and LiveTrace in Illustrator. I’ve never made a digital seamless pattern before so this tutorial was interesting to me. I made one once in a basic Design course and it involved drawing my own pattern shapes with a Sharpie, re-drawing that pattern about 30-odd times, alternating positive and negative space, then cutting them all out with an Xacto, squinting my eyes and placing pieces together by hanging them off one another. A much more painstaking process, but I did really enjoy that assignment.

Vectors, Brushes, Tutorials, oh my!

Blog.SpoonGraphics by UK based Graphic and Web designer Chris Spooner, is a great resource for cool Photoshop and Illustrator freebies, and you can even get step by step tutorials on how to create cool pattern designs.

I’ve always liked using retro elements and colors in my design work, and I was happy to discover a post where Chris explains step by step how to create a bright retro grunge vector illustration. As it turns out they’re a lot easier to make than they appear. I also found an extensive collection of high resolution free Photoshop grunge and watercolor brushes today. This is one blog I recommend any graphic artist or designer check out. It has some great information in the form of articles and tutorials, fun goodies to download, and you also get to see some of his design work and creative process.