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Gorgeous DVD Design
Image credit TheDieLine.com

Image credit Bow Wow International

Elizabeth: The Golden Age While perusing TheDieLine.com (a great website for all things packaging design) I found these lovely images of the Elizabeth: The Golden Age DVD. I’ll admit I’ve never seen the movie, but was immedietly attracted to this packaging. This isn’t the actual DVD packaging that’s for sale most places, because if it were I would have bought it already. It’s  a very lavish, complete design with a beautiful swirl pattern on the inside of the gate-fold booklet, photos from the film watermarked with flourishes, and as a nice touch some laser cut gold leaf paper. The typography on the cover is nicely executed, well placed, and sparsely decorated (but just enough to keep a rhythm). And of course, I’m a fan of any kind of packaging that reads like a book. This piece is definetly an inspiration for me to create some more of my own DVD packaging, although this was a collaboration effort between a large team at Universal Pictures and Bow Wow International. Go to TheDieLine to learn more and see other unique packaging designs.


Gilmore Girls DVD Packaging
Photo by me

Photo by me

Gilmore Girls is my guilty pleasure. People who know me are surprised that I like this show, given that I’m more into movies, Comedy Central, and Adult Swim. It’s a great show to watch any time, when you’re happy or sad, bored or busy (I actually find that the constant chit-chat going on in the background helps me focus) and it’s great if you’re sick and bedridden because the episodes last forty-five minutes apiece. Given that Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (the main characters) have such a vast appreciation and knowledge of music, movies, and books, biting wit and sarcasm, and not to mention their coffee addiction, it’s no wonder I love this show. I started buying the DVD sets this last fall. I have seasons one, two, and three, but only one and two are pictured here because my neighbor is borrowing the third.

The Gilmore Girls series is one of my favorite packaging designs of all time. I love the font they use for the titles and pull-quotes (Solid Antique Roman), the color schemes for every season, the overall cover layout, and especially the way the set opens like a book, and each DVD has it’s own page so to speak.

I get all of my movies at Half.com these days. You can generally find factory sealed movies for less than half of the store price. Package design copyright 2002 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.