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#4 Zappos Winter Boots Catalog
May 23, 2009, 10:31 pm
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Click to view document on Issuu

Click to view document on Issuu

A catalog prototype for Zappos.com featuring a collection of stylish, functional winter boots for women.

The purpose of this catalog is to drive traffic to the Zappos web site by showcasing a special type of shoe and advertising the special services the site offers. This catalog focusses on boots for women who want to stay warm, dry, safe, and stylish during the Winter. I chose a variety of boots from the site, ranging from practical to dressy, that have superior quality and traction.


Color Psychology
Photo by me

Photo by me

I’m going to start out this post with a poll, so please vote for your favorite color before proceeding. Think about not only what color you find the prettiest, but also the one that always creeps into your daily life. Maybe you always buy a certain color notebook or pens or electronic device or maybe it’s a color you’re always wearing.

My favorite color is obvious – Purple. The photograph above is a picture of some of my supplies I always have on hand. My purple binder, purple pencil and pens, my purple pouch to hold them, and yes up there in the corner is my purple stapler. I’ve been told it takes a brave person to sport purple. I often wear purple eyeshadow and lipstick, I’ve dyed my hair purple several times, and I like to buy purple clothing, handbags, and shoes wherever I find them. Color Psychology tells us that colors have certain meanings and the color you choose as your favorite could say something about your personality and character. It can also give you insight as to how to communicate and idea or emotion using color. Below is the list of colors on the poll and some key words associated with them.

  • Red – Attention, Stimulate, Energy, Passionate, Exciting, Powerful, Dramatic.
  • Orange – Joyful, Daring, Flamboyant, Spontaneous, Bold, Adventurous.
  • Yellow – Optimism, Enlightenment, Intelligence, Wisdom.
  • Green – Peace,  Security, Ecology, Tranquility, Flexibility, Self-control.
  • Blue – Trustworthy, Calming, Committed, Cooling.
  • Purple – Uplifting, Stately, Humble, Regal, Spirituality, Respected.
  • Black – Dignified, Authoritative, Powerful, Mysterious, Sophisticated.
  • Brown – Organic, Reliable, Stable, Approachable, Wholesome.
  • White – Purity, Cleanliness, Fresh, Neutral.
  • Gray – Business-like, Urban, Neutral, Versatile.

Resource: Dutch Boy – Choose Wisely – Colors

Local Artist: Jasmine Star
Photo by me

Photos by me

Jasmine Star pendant

This is a photograph of a pendant art piece and the packaging by Jasmine Star. I bought it on Alberta St. back in October during the Day of the Dead art walk celebration. I prefer to wear works of art whenever possible – such as shirts and jewelery. This one has become one of my most prized possessions since, and I look forward to buying more of this artist’s work. On the back of the pendant it has her signature and the year written in white acrylic.

Jasmine Star paints mostly trees in acrylic with beautiful colorful skies, and each piece communicates a different emotion by the colors shechooses to use or the direction, weight, or movement of the branches. She is such a sweet, awesome individual and she puts a lot of thought and care into her work. As part of her collection she has necklaces, earrings, prints, original works, greeting cards, and specially designed gift boxes and cards to hold the necklace, and specially designed bags to put it all in. She even paints original works, just as detailed as her larger paintings, on canvases that are no bigger than your thumb! She sells necklaces, prints, original works, specially designed gift boxes and cards to hold the necklace, and specially designed bags to put it all in.  I believe I spent ten dollars on my beautiful necklace but felt like I walked away with 4 pieces of art, of course I saved it all (even the bag).

To check out her work, you can go a couple of different places. Her website, jasminestar.net is up and running but is under construction in quite a few places,but the gallery works! You can also see many of her pieces here at EbsqArt.com.

The Golden Age of Hollywood

The Golden Age mood board

I love creating photomontage mood boards to get me inspired with a theme, and this is one that I put together this weekend as inspiration for an upcoming project. I get to take part in designing a poster for a Spring formal banquet with an old Hollywood theme. The primary colors will be black, red, and gold. This is an event I will probably attend because I love dressing up Golden Age style and it will feature a free dinner and casino-like atmosphere in an old ballroom in SE Portland. I wrote the name down but as of now my precious notebook is MIA. However, I’ll update periodically on the various phases of this project, it’s one that I’m excited about.

Hello world!

What's in the Bag 04/05/09

This is a somewhat peculiar introduction. I figure that anyone stumbling across my blog will get some sort of idea of who I am and what I do just based on whatever they read or see. So, instead of going on and on about myself, what it is I do, why I’m posting this blog, etc. right away, I’m going to show you me in a bag. Just add water and my persona springs out. Lets take a look inside and get to know me a little. Starting in the upper left hand corner and working somewhat clockwise from there:

  • The Essentials-Wallet and keys, complete with a Grateful Dead keyring.
  • Bad Monkey pouch. You can really put anything in here, I choose Excedrin Tension Headache.
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom hand lotion.
  • Red emergency scrunchie.
  • Studded costume bracelet
  • Half-eaten bag of chocolate covered Espresso beans.
  • Sketchbook made by Nepalese craftspeople in the Himalayas, paper made from the bark of the Daphne bush. Obtained at a Native American trade show. Pressed pansy courtesy of my dear friend Michael.
  • Inc. brand R-2 black gel rollerball pen. Always.
  • Motorola Rockr mp3 phone and earbud headphones.
  • Need a Tic-Tac?
  • Dollar Store sunglasses.
  • Harmony Honey Beeswax lip balm. Vanilla flavored and made with Vitamin E, Almond Oil, and Beeswax. Phenomenal stuff, I prefer it over Burt’s Bees. Works great on hands and rough skin patches too. You can find it at Saturday Market here in Portland.

I believe a purse is one of the biggest pieces of self-expression a woman can have. The choice of style reflects how that individual perceives themselves or wants to be perceived. Maybe they’re soft and sophisticated, bright and colorful, natural and earthy, simple and clean, chaotic and crazy, decorative and elegant, or bold and brash. Maybe they are flexible and have multiple personalities, or maybe they tend to stick with one style. Now in the bag is where it’s really at – you can truly get a sense about a person based on the items they carry with them every day. These are items showcase a person’s lifestyle, interests, habits, and talents (maybe even some hidden ones).

So lets see what did we learn? In retrospect, I’m an artist, I love music, I’m a caffeine junkie, I’m sentimental and nostalgic because I hold onto silly things like dried flowers, I like local and hand crafted products, I’m pretty much flat broke, and I’m always prepared for an impromptu kiss.

What do your items say about you? Do you have any that are unique and special?