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Gorgeous DVD Design
Image credit TheDieLine.com

Image credit Bow Wow International

Elizabeth: The Golden Age While perusing TheDieLine.com (a great website for all things packaging design) I found these lovely images of the Elizabeth: The Golden Age DVD. I’ll admit I’ve never seen the movie, but was immedietly attracted to this packaging. This isn’t the actual DVD packaging that’s for sale most places, because if it were I would have bought it already. It’s  a very lavish, complete design with a beautiful swirl pattern on the inside of the gate-fold booklet, photos from the film watermarked with flourishes, and as a nice touch some laser cut gold leaf paper. The typography on the cover is nicely executed, well placed, and sparsely decorated (but just enough to keep a rhythm). And of course, I’m a fan of any kind of packaging that reads like a book. This piece is definetly an inspiration for me to create some more of my own DVD packaging, although this was a collaboration effort between a large team at Universal Pictures and Bow Wow International. Go to TheDieLine to learn more and see other unique packaging designs.


Vintage Record Sleeves
May 4, 2009, 9:36 pm
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Image courtesy Jeff Haman

Image courtesy Jeff Hamada

More vinyl design stuff from yours truly. These vintage sleeves feature brightly colored, retro patterns. I loved them as soon as I saw them. I also love the blog that I found them on. It’s called Boooooom (that’s right, exactly 7 Os) featuring the design work of one Jeff Hamada. His header is charming; the art of Betsy Walton. as are the multi-colored links all leading out to quirky, fun artwork, design, and other oddities.

This Is So Rad
May 4, 2009, 7:30 pm
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Go Media Zine - Seamless pattern

Image credit Adam Wagner of GoMediaZine

I saw this awesome pattern and had to read more about it. It turns out that Adam Wagner from GoMediaZine takes you step by step through how to create a seamless pattern using vector shapes. You can pen tool your own swirly pattern ingredients, or just use his that he provides and LiveTrace in Illustrator. I’ve never made a digital seamless pattern before so this tutorial was interesting to me. I made one once in a basic Design course and it involved drawing my own pattern shapes with a Sharpie, re-drawing that pattern about 30-odd times, alternating positive and negative space, then cutting them all out with an Xacto, squinting my eyes and placing pieces together by hanging them off one another. A much more painstaking process, but I did really enjoy that assignment.