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A Somewhat Coordinated Kitchen

Photo by me

Photo by me

I enjoy collecting things, not that its a time consuming hobby of mine, but I do like finding obscure items that appeal to my tastes specifically. My Alice in Wonderland kitchen items collection is one of those instances. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has always been one of my favorite books and films since I was little. I even got a chance to be in an Alice in Wonderland play – I was the caterpillar.

My mom started the figurine obsession when she found me the coolest cookie jar in the world somewhere online. I will never sell or get rid of it. After that I found these salt and pepper shakers, yes that’s what those are and I use them every day. The Drink Me bottle holds my salt and the mushroom Nibble holds the pepper. Don’t be fooled into thinking these are my only figurines. I have many Alice items sprinkled throughout my little apartment. I also have an Alice teapot, a stuffed Cheshire cat, little stash boxes, Alice art posters (2 in my living room), coloring book featuring illustrations from the original story, a t-shirt and hoodie. and Cheshire and Alice figurines in my windowsill hiding in the ivy. And sometimes I wonder how I accumulate so much stuff….


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