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Local Artist: Red Parasol Productions
"Hollow Mask" by Tricia Beck

"Hollow Mask" by Tricia Beck

Red Parasol Productions is the art of Portland native Tricia Beck. I first saw her work at the Saturday Market and have been mesmerized ever since. January 2009 marks her third year as a working artist and street vendor. You can also see her work at Last Thursdays on Alberta. The colors and textures she achieves in her paintings are beyond words. Being from the Northwest, she’s constantly inspired by the natural beauty she sees. She retains a very realistic feel with her natural subjects but always with her own special twist. When asked to define her style, she simply states, “glorified reality.” She hopes that her work can inspire others and portray that being alone doesn’t have to mean loneliness. She works with acrylic (my favorite medium) and uses a heavy-bodied gel to texturize her paintings. Here’s what some people have quoted about Tricia and her work:

“There’s an illustrative, surreal quality to Tricia Beck’s paintings that make me think of both Salvador Dali and paper animation pioneer, Lotte Reiniger. Her interpretation of the natural world–clouds, trees, nests–has an edge to it that defies the pretty landscapes. A bit twisted, and beautiful.”
Rachael Taylor Brown, singer/songwriter, & proud owner of a Beck original pastel painting entitled, “Fire In The Hills”.

“Tricia captures the spontaneity of nature with a vivid poetic sense.”
James Faretheewell, singer/songwriter & proud owner of a Beck original print entitled, “Just Before Noon”.

Check out Tricia’s collection at the Red Parasol Productions website.


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