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Color Psychology
Photo by me

Photo by me

I’m going to start out this post with a poll, so please vote for your favorite color before proceeding. Think about not only what color you find the prettiest, but also the one that always creeps into your daily life. Maybe you always buy a certain color notebook or pens or electronic device or maybe it’s a color you’re always wearing.

My favorite color is obvious – Purple. The photograph above is a picture of some of my supplies I always have on hand. My purple binder, purple pencil and pens, my purple pouch to hold them, and yes up there in the corner is my purple stapler. I’ve been told it takes a brave person to sport purple. I often wear purple eyeshadow and lipstick, I’ve dyed my hair purple several times, and I like to buy purple clothing, handbags, and shoes wherever I find them. Color Psychology tells us that colors have certain meanings and the color you choose as your favorite could say something about your personality and character. It can also give you insight as to how to communicate and idea or emotion using color. Below is the list of colors on the poll and some key words associated with them.

  • Red – Attention, Stimulate, Energy, Passionate, Exciting, Powerful, Dramatic.
  • Orange – Joyful, Daring, Flamboyant, Spontaneous, Bold, Adventurous.
  • Yellow – Optimism, Enlightenment, Intelligence, Wisdom.
  • Green – Peace,  Security, Ecology, Tranquility, Flexibility, Self-control.
  • Blue – Trustworthy, Calming, Committed, Cooling.
  • Purple – Uplifting, Stately, Humble, Regal, Spirituality, Respected.
  • Black – Dignified, Authoritative, Powerful, Mysterious, Sophisticated.
  • Brown – Organic, Reliable, Stable, Approachable, Wholesome.
  • White – Purity, Cleanliness, Fresh, Neutral.
  • Gray – Business-like, Urban, Neutral, Versatile.

Resource: Dutch Boy – Choose Wisely – Colors


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