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April 27, 2009, 12:42 pm
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This last week and this current week in progress is all about typography for me. I’m refining my business cards, resume, personal logo, and several pages in a book, so naturally I’ve been going through typefaces, critiquing each and every one for my needs and visual direction. I’ve even developed a fondness for fonts that I don’t generally use (such as Helvetica Neue and Avant Garde) and find myself conceptualizing new projects with typography in mind. I’m currently working on a poster for a night student reception, and I’m discovering that type has been my main source of inspiration for design ideas. I suddenly feel the urge to manipulate points, change placement, scale, or angle to communicate my ideas. As someone who is generally focussed on the big picture (“picture” being the key word) especially during the developing stages of my designs, working with type and getting down and dirty with details is a big change of pace, one that I’m really enjoying.

One of my challenges is finding good, versatile, and basic free fonts. It’s easy to find a free grungy font or a calligraphic script, but not so much when it comes to a a beautiful serif or san serif that doesn’t cost an arm and leg. I found these great links from MyInkBlog.com. They include 10 Awesome Free Serif fonts and 10 Awesome Free San Serif fonts. Shop around and enjoy. My current favorite is Tallys of the serif collection. I really am crazy for serif fonts (at their best they are classic, elegant, and organic). However, since I’ve been working so closely with type I’m surprised that I’m choosing to use more san serif fonts instead. I guess its just time to mix it up! I’ve also been discovering that pairing a more geometric, mechanical san serif with an organic illustration creates a wonderful contrast, yet allows the elements to stand on their own without competing. What kind of fonts do you find yourself using over and over? Does it say anything about you as a person or a designer? Which ones have you found a new love for? Why do you suppose that is?


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