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Spring Has Sprung in PDX
April 9, 2009, 8:49 pm
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photo by Me

This week brought us here in the Portland area some gorgeous sunny weather. The first few days of Spring are magical in Oregon – really. Being so used to cloudy, gray and rainy weather, the first day of sunshine in what feels like months brings with it energy and a sense of peace. No matter what happens on these days, you can’t help but let it all roll off your back and take a walk outside. Having lived in the area my entire life I never want to take those first days of Spring for granted. It always comes a few weeks late, usually just after anticipation of the last snowstorm of the season (I was buried in snow last April).

Earlier this week I noticed the trees beginning to blossom. This is another one of my favorite things about the  beginning of Spring. These blossoms usually only last a few weeks and bring all of the previously dead trees back to life again. This last Tuesday I took a few minutes to sit underneath one of these trees and read for a while, drinking iced coffee, enjoying the smell of the huge bouquet above my head. I took some branches home for myself but sniffed al ittle too hard and my face puffed up for a few hours from massive pollen intake. I recommend enjoying the beauty in moderation.


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